Bergingstrucker; Netherlands:  
I've received my stickers last week. Looks great plus I received them within 10 days to the Netherlands!
Rodrv6; Ball Ground, GA:
I just wanted to share that I bought a set of stickers for my 88 GT. They arrived very quickly and I'm very impressed with the quality. I still have most of the original stickers on my car and I can't tell any difference between the originals and reproductions. I'd easily recommend these for anyone!!!
87GT2M6; Miami, Florida:  
Excellent quality you won't be disappointed believe me.
Pontiac Fiero Repair Center Page:  
Hi guys these are the reproduction labels for our cars I promised to review a while ago.  Just getting to them now and I can tell you the quality is fantastic.  They are printed on high quality backing and apply the same as the originals.  The coloring is just about spot on. The lettering is clear.  The door lock slider and buttons are also included.  If you are doing a restoration these are a must and I highly recommend them.